" The Norwegian government is considering moving its national border by 40 metres to gift Finland a piece of its mountain land on the latter’s centenary. The occurrence of the words ‘land’ and ‘gift’ in a single sentence is unusually generous. " More Info
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Click to readBaseball player Mike Marshall said, “Victory is in the quality of the competition, not just the final score.” Field athletes, Nikki Hamblin
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Click to readLeather jackets or tank tops, hot chocolate or iced tea? Every season has something that kindles a certain excitement within us. While some
Click to readWe, human beings, are connected by chords that bind us all, but a gush of negativity can snap these chords and change the dynamics we all ..
Click to readThe conscientious soldiers of AIS Saket took up the green crusade of transforming the neglected Mehrauli Archeological Park into a green oas
Click to readThe inter school festival of culture and customs that spreads social awareness on a single platform, was celebrated with joy and fervour..
Click to readCreepy crawly week
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