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Click to readIn a sea of TRP vying and sensational headlines, ‘Khabar Lahariya’ seems to stand out, not just because it is the only women-run newspaper i
Click to read“I couldn’t find one with subtitles!” is usually followed by everyone’s groans. As you try to find the perfect subtitles, an essential eleme
Click to read“I’ll be an astronaut when I grow up,” said a 12-year-old Sia who was fascinated by outer space. She made scrapbooks out of photos of celest
Click to readBoard meetings are a must before any match. And why not? It helps the team to strategise and win. Here’s a sneak peek into the board room w
Click to readSometimes, the Dexter in you encounters weird questions about the Earth that are bound to astound you. The situation becomes even more intri
Click to readWelcome, class of 2019, to a lecture that will teach you all about the class of 1980. Wait, you already know everything. After all, your pa
Click to readYear 2008. The hottest movie of the year was released. While reading Marvel comics occupied majority of my childhood, seeing Iron Man come a
Click to readIf you don’t go ‘so what?’ every time a celeb kid is on the news, then either you live on a lonely planet or you’ve mastered the near imposs
Click to readYou know what success tastes like.It’s even tastier when you find it on your own in a world that is ruled by ‘Godfathers’. Probably, you nev
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Painting By : Laisha Bhutani, AIS Vas 6, III A
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