" There’s war, there’s peace. There’s beginning, there’s cease. Kites have long been associated with joy, pain, freedom, captivity and many more emotions. Richa, GT Network brings to you the story of kites. A story that has more plots than you can think of… " More Info
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Click to readThey brainstormed. They presented. They won. AIS Noida students made India proud by showing the world how we can build, live and sustain lif
Click to readSundar Pichai’s appointment as the Google CEO has reaffirmed that if medals were awarded for C-suite appointments at big, global companies,
Click to readMarked by the presence of global leaders from Rotary International, the event at AUUP, was all about leadership, humanity and serving the so
Click to readSay hello to the winners of ISSDC 2015, who discharged their duties with utmost perfection, just like professionals
Click to readThere’s no better world than that of books and readers have their personal styles to divulge into their set of ‘to reads’. Turns out that th
Click to readAdvertisements – the irritants when the climax is just about to unfold during the special ‘maha episode’; the breather for housewifes when t
Click to readThere’s no emotion that cannot be expressed through the power of music. It not only entertains us but also forms an important essence of our
Click to readChill pills, pumpkin spice, coffee scrub, pink peppermint. No, they aren’t cool mocktails offered by your favourite cafe. They are luxurious
Click to readWhen feeling sleepy in class, you’ve probably grabbed a pen and started doodling at the back of a notebook. Doodles, a long standing traditi
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