Wondering If The Fusion Is A Match Made In Heaven Or A Badly Cooked Disaster
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Click to readA business executive, philanthropist, CEO, and author; Vineet Nayar is a man of many hats. Credited with changing the dynamics of HCL Techno
Click to readIt was a dazzling dawn of late December, the entire school was just reopening from a month-long winter break. The thumping of shoes could ..
Click to readThe diary is considered to be one of the most significant expressions of the self, associated with sincerity, candour and self-reflection.
Click to readAnger or Krodha, is an emotion (navarasa) which is evoked when we feel hurt, humiliated or wronged. We react impulsively, protest or even re
Click to readMusic transcends barriers of language, space, and time. At the same time, it also surmounts the conventions of a 9 to 5 job, for it brings p
Click to read26 May. 26 June. 26 July. The pattern is not lost on me; it couldn’t be lost on anybody. But as the months pass by and tragedy strikes on th
Click to readWhat we cannot invent, we must rediscover. If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover the valuables we left behind. One such re
Click to readWalking with your furry friend, you chance upon a café. You are hungry, but you don’t wish to leave out your beloved pet. If only there was
Click to readWhen humans leave no other place to go, Google arrives at the ‘We are here to listen to your tales of woe’ (read therapist) cabin to share h
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The Global Times Poll

Does Michelle Yeoh becoming the first Asian to bag Best Leading Actress in Oscars 95 years of history highlight the alarming need of recognition of diversity in Hollywood?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Cant say

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